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Ancestral Medicine for Modern Life

Transform your health, connect to the wisdom of our ancestors, and break generational curses through holistic education and potent plant medicine

The thing is, you can’t heal if you’re still struggling with a poor diet, toxic lifestyle, trauma, or unhealthy vices.

True Holistic Wellness is comprehensive.
Explore the Ancestral Herbal Medicine that has helped thousands of women heal naturally, and the life-changing holistic education, mentorship programs, and somatic trainings that empower you to become your own healer.

You Can Heal for Good, Naturally.

intentionally created by Anuuma Earth, Master Herbalist, and Medicine WomaN

Yes, Mind, Body, AND Spirit.

Medicine Making Monthly Membership

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Journey deeply with one sacred plant ally each moon cycle - and practice with a delicious plant-based recipe to drive the lesson home. 

Interested in learning about herbs, but not sure where to start? Join me in Medicine Making Monthly. 

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Ancestral Medicine Woman Certification Program

Generational Curses are being broken by the next generation of Medicine Women. 

Truth is, we don't pass down generational dis-eases. We pass down trauma, diet, and lifestyle. Constant sickness, drugs, and chronic imbalances are not normal. In this program, we teach you how to address the root cause, so that you and your clients can heal for good. 

We don't suppress symptoms.

Gone are the days where we have to depend on a racist system, medical “care” that wasn’t made for us, drugs that simply pacify symptoms, or “genetics” to determine the fate of our health. In the Ancestral Medicine Woman, we take our healing and the healing of the collective into our own hands.

In the Ancestral Medicine Woman Certification Program, We take our healing and the healing of the collective into our own hands.

SLOW with Anuuma Earth Mastermind


In SLOW - Your Spirit-Led Odyssey to Wealth - Anuuma guides you through building (or rebuilding) a sustainable, profitable, fulfilling, spirit-led business that supports you, your true nature, and your life’s purpose while honoring your spiritual journey. 

No burnout is required to achieve true wealth, only great intention and a desire to make a difference in the world. I walk you through it all, in SLOW. Building a business can be ease-filled, fun, fulfilling, profitable, AND impactful. Come learn how.

Spiritual people are not meant to be poor. Let go of hustling your way to 6 or 7 figures. Stop doing sleazy tactics that are out of alignment in order to run a “successful business”.


Organic Herbal
Medicine for Modern Life.

Come experience the slow, sacred, herbal medicine that has helped thousands of women heal. Always made intentionally, in ritual for the woman who prioritizes true health and wellness, and is finally ready to use something that truly works (by addressing the root). Come experience the Difference

Charnee, Ancestral Medicine Woman Certification Student

"The Ancestral Medicine Woman Certification Program meticulously curated by Anuuma has been the literal answer to my prayers."

I had experienced my first pregnancy which resulted in miscarriage. I felt lost & broken. I asked Spirit for guidance & not long after, I received the email invitation to apply to join the program. I knew it was exactly what I needed. The program begins with deep initiation which includes lots of self reflection. After making the commitment to seriously go through initiation, I was able to learn my experience with conception, pregnancy & then loss was a spiritual lesson. I needed to learn to mother myself prior to becoming a mother. Once I completed initiation, Anuuma coached me through a 30 juice fast which completely cleansed me physically & mentally. Anuuma helped me to strengthen my body by recommending herbal infusions which in turn healed me from chronic anemia & resulting in me successfully & confidently carrying and naturally birthing my baby girl in the comfort of my home. Anuuma teaches her students that we possess the power to heal ourselves, heal our loved ones & heal the world! She shows us all the ways that we are able to live the lives of our dreams. Anuuma has held my hand through leaving my job & creating a growing business. I’m so grateful to have been selected as a student of this program. It’s truly invaluable. 

Anuuma Apothecary Customer

"Life Changer"

So everyday at least once a day my yoni would get super irritated. I would feel like my vulva was on fire. Gyno doesn't know what the problem is .. as no test shows signs of anything.

It was becoming a real problem for me. And then I found this oil along with the wash. And they have worked miracles for me. As long as I use them both daily I have no pain and no irritation. Thank you Anuuma. For as long as you keep making these products I'll keep purchasing them

JESS, Anuuma Apothecary Customer

"This oil is amazing"

I ordered two bottles of it along with the Queen's Wash, right before the "holidays" and received my order quickly. The oil itself has transformed my yoni. I've had recurrent BV after every menstrual cycle, and after about two weeks of consistent use, the vaginal odor I had disappeared!! I've been so self conscious about my little problem, and was fed up with having to go to my gyno for Flagyl refills. This product has made my life so much better, it feels good to have found a natural remedy for my recurrent issue, that not even my doctors could fix. Thank you so much Ashley!!!

I will continue to order this product, along with the other personal care items I've gotten from you, I love them so much, and they make me feel wonderful knowing that they're safe, and free from carcinogens and other chemicals that may harm my health. Please don't sleep on Anuuma, or holistic healthcare in general. Before there were pills and creams, there was/is Mother Nature! :)

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