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Dr. Anuuma. I am not a medical doctor or “professionally medically trained" per the US govt. or FDA’s standards, nor do I desire to be. Per the FDA I cannot diagnose, treat, prevent or “cure” any dis-ease. I am required to tell you this. I am, however an herbal (+ more) medicine doctor. I have dedicated my life to education, practice and deep extensive research so that I can continue to be a vehicle of healing for my people, specifically those of the Afrikan diaspora. I give thanks to all of our elders and ancestors who paved the way. Below, you will find some of my many credentials. Know that the greatest credentials of all are the results + my experience! Feel free to read the MANY MANY reviews on the various people whose lives I have changed through my medicine + work. This is my life’s work. My divine purpose, and I'm so happy you're here.

Hi, beautiful. I'm Anuuma!

about her

— Shay T.

So, I usually don’t leave reviews but I had to. This product is amazing. Before I got it, I could tell I was starting to get BV again. I got the wash 2 days later and it helped me so much. It’s going to be a holy grail in my bathroom now. I feel so fresh, even throughout the day even with the heat. I am amazed & so thankful.
Thank you so much!!! I'm so excited to learn and try more!

— Anushka J.

I’ve tried summer’s eve all the market based feminine washes and all of them seemed to give me a mild irritation to my yoni. But when I tried this queens wash! I love the herbal smell The natural ingredients, and I love how it cleans my yoni without over drying it, and I get no irritation whatsoever. This is the only feminine wash that I’ll ever use! If you’re skeptical on purchasing do not be skeptical go ahead and purchase i promise it will be worth it.

— Leah.

The best wash I have ever tried. I’m a sufferer from BV and Yeast Infections. I’m at the end of the road with my medication with symptoms still! First day I used queens wash my symptoms became lighter. By the 2nd-3rd day of using the wash I no longer have symptoms! I’m finished with my medication, my yoni feels better, moist, balanced ♥️

— Jewel.

AWESOME SAUCE! This wash is great! Leaves me feeling very fresh and clean. My pussy is very sensitive and I was concerned about a possible reaction. This wash gave me absolutely NO reaction. I love this product. After using baby wash for many years, I've switched to this. Lathers well and the presentation of the bottle is very nice. I love that the label on the bottle is water proof so it won't peel and that there's a pump for easy use. Wonderful product that I will continue to use. Thanks, Anuuma.

— C.

I first used this wash maybe 2 years ago and I haven’t found anything that comes close I have a very sensitive feminine area and this is the only wash I can use that I don’t react to. I live in London so it’s hard to get my hands on a bottle as it sells out so fast you’ve got to be quick lol. Thank you so much for your products they have helped me a lot. 

— Erica C.

The Queen's Wash is awesome. I think I check the website daily to see if it's back in stock. I recently gave a little bit (very little) to my sister to try and she is in love with it too. I will have to be sure to snatch up a bottle for her too once it's back in stock. Ashley keep doing what you're doing. Your products are amazing!!

— Tarin J.

Didn't realize how important this wash and oil combo wash until I ran out!!😣 Real talk...everything on site is special, but the Queens Wash and Oil are the only thing that I MUST HAVE!!! Nothing has worked better for my yoni! Didn't even make it out of checkout, I will keep trying until I can get it! 

— Kai S.

Awesome product!!! After trying the wash, I won’t use anything else. Make sure you stock up because this product goes fast.  

— Ashley N.

Goddess Wash is EVERYTHING. I feel like I'm cheating on Queen's Wash. But my G-d Goddess Wash! Whew.

— Tina

Girl I sent u a dm pic. This goddess wash smells like the T.R.U.T.H. I think I smell cinnamon or something spicy but Lawd Lawd.. I shoulda ordered 2.. can't wait to use and heal with it

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