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Hey, I'm Anuuma

I’m a Medicine Woman & Master Herbalist who helps women & vulva owners heal & discover natural healing through the power of plants. When I embarked on my own journey toward a more natural life years ago, I soon realized it went so much deeper than just remedying my physical body. As I reconnected to the wild & sacred spirit of the earth, the plants began to talk to me… and I discovered my divine purpose: to show my community the path to sacred healing by passing on the knowledge of our ancestors.

Having healed myself of chronic yeast, vaginal cysts, sexual trauma, and so much more, I am devoted to empowering women and vulva owners by showing them how to heal themselves from the inside out, instead of relying on a broken racist system that often traumatizes more than it helps. This is my life’s work and I’ve spent years studying and practicing nearly every aspect of physical and spiritual healing - and I will continue to do so.

I hold more certifications than I can count on my fingers in everything from hypnotherapy, spiritual counseling and past life regression therapy to ayurveda, tantric massage, reiki and yin yoga, plus I’m a professionally trained chef. I pour all my knowledge, experience and ancestral wisdom into alchemizing sacred herbal medicine, hosting powerful healing retreats, and sharing everything I know through holistic education. Consider this your sacred invitation to join me on this journey.

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I launched the Ancestral Medicine Woman Certification Program™, a sacred educational journey for women who feel divinely called to follow this path. More magic is on the way, including the return of in-person retreats, new course offerings, sacred texts, and the most potent sacred offering yet, an entirely new medicine collection for everything from Herpes to Fibroids, PCOS & more.


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In August I launched Goddess Wash, a sacred feminine cleanser handcrafted in divine ritual. Brewed with organic antibacterial herbs and quartz crystals, this extremely potent concoction complimented and expanded the top selling dynamic duo that is Queen's Wash & Queen's Oil.


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After the birth of my first daughter, I experienced a radical rebirthing of my own and stepped into my divine purpose as Anuuma, closing Ashley’s Naturals with a deep sense of gratitude. Later that year I birthed Anuuma Apothecary & Anuuma Academy into the world.


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This is where my journey really began: I created Ashley’s Naturals, my first sacred offering - rooted in the magic of plants, a desire for truly natural living & a holistic spiritual lifestyle that elevated all who encountered it. Over 7 years we built an incredible community of like-minded women invested in their own healing.


The Evolution 
of Anuuma

Casey G

I kept getting vaginitis every month or so. My doctor kept giving me creams and horrible applicators that only burned and made my yoni feel weird. QUEENS OIL was my ONLY cure. I use this every other other day or so. I sometimes use it as a personal lube while also curing my yoni. Also, for you sensitive skin gals, this was great. No irritations, no itchy sensation, just pure greatness!Its a must! Thanks Anuuma!


This oil is amazing, I ordered two bottles of it along with the Queen's Wash, right before the "holidays" and received my order quickly. The oil itself has transformed my yoni. I've had recurrent BV after every menstrual cycle, and after about two weeks of consistent use, the vaginal odor I had disappeared!! I've been so self conscious about my little problem, and was fed up with having to go to my gyno for Flagyl refills. This product has made my life so much better, it feels good to have found a natural remedy for my recurrent issue, that not even my doctors could fix. Thank you so much Ashley!!! I will continue to order this product, along with the other personal care items I've gotten from you, I love them so much, and they make me feel wonderful knowing that they're safe, and free from carcinogens and other chemicals that may harm my health. Please don't sleep on Anuuma, or holistic healthcare in general. Before there were pills and creams, there was/is Mother Nature! :)


So everyday at least once a day my yoni would get super irritated. I would feel like my vulva was on fire. Gyno doesnt know what the problem is .. as no test shows signs of anything. It was becoming a real problem for me. And then I found this oil along with the wash. And they have worked miracles for me. As long as I use them both daily I have no pain and no irritation. Thank you Anuuma. For as long as you keep making these products I'll keep purchasing them.


I ordered the Queens Oil after reading all of the reviews online and through social media, and tried it for the first time last night. And I'm so happy I that I did. After the initial use I've seen a tremendous difference. Any discharge and odor is gone and hopefully never coming back!!! Its amazing what such a small amount of the right product will do for you. I've struggled with balancing my yoni for years, and overnight this oil seems to have changed my life. I'll be promoting your company whenever I have the chance. Thank you for such a great product!! Can't wait to try some other items.


There's Nothing Else Like This!!!!!!!!
I was turned on to Queens Wash by a friend and I tried it, wow!!! Then it was out of stock for a minute and I was going out of my mind as I can never go back to using any other product for my yoni. I used it sparingly until it became available. This time I bought 3 bottles. The first time I used it my yoni was so soft and I never felt so clean and fresh!!!Thank you Miss Anuuma!!!

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