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Medicine Making Monthly

Imagine feeling confident in your herbal knowledge without the overwhelm, fluff, or misinformation.


What if you could learn about medicinal herbs on a deep, intimate level without buying tons of books or spending a ton of time?

If you’re tired of learning herbs in a shallow way, and you’re ready to learn how to weave sacred plant medicine into your every day, daily life, on a physical, spiritual, and soul level…

You’ll want to be in this room. 

However, what happens when you try to use those herbs and they don’t work? 

This is because approaching herbal medicine like doctors use drugs is not the answer. Learning herbs takes time, patience, spirit, and curiosity. 

It takes presence, consideration, and most importantly, experience.

Even if you do feel like the herbs you’re currently using are supporting you. How would you feel if we could make them 100x more effective by considering the energetics, human composition, and herbal actions of the plants? 

How would you feel if you knew how to go beyond the store-bought tinctures and syrups, and learn how to lovingly craft your own?

and Even if they do work, they don’t work consistently or as potently as you hoped

You’ve probably heard that turmeric is good for inflammation, and ginger is good for an upset stomach...

Here's What You'll Learn when You Join the Medicine Making Monthly Membership

Taking the time to learn about herbs beyond what kind of band-aid, or allopathic result you get will change your entire world. Weaving this medicine into your life on a spiritual and energetic level allows you to connect deeply and benefit from them in a way that no generic tincture could. 

Learn Herbs Deeply on a Spiritual and Energetic Level 

As a Professional chef, Master Herbalist, and Medicine Woman, “food is medicine” takes on an entirely different + sacred meaning for me. I love to make my herbal formulas and meals delicious. When learning each herb, you’ll have an accompanying recipe to support your herbal education. Recipes will vary from meals to herbal formulations and spiritual tools. You’ll be well-equipped as the membership grows. 

Plant-based Recipes to Practice 

When learning about herbal allies and building a relationship with our sacred plant kin… It’s better to know 12 plants intimately and thoroughly than it is to know 500 herbs on a shallow level. This is why we spend time journeying deeply with one plant per moon cycle. We get to know it, we use it, we experience it. This is how we learn best. 

Journeying deeply vs Journeying wide

You’ll be able to download a beautiful Monograph for each herb so that you can build your Materia Medica (Herbal Library) and refer to them for years to come. 

Downloadable Monographs + Recipes 

The fact is holistic wellness is our birthright. The problem is, we’re wasting so much time trying to learn things on a shallow level and pacify symptoms vs addressing the root cause. This causes us to miss the opportunity to tap in and heal for good.

Ready to improve your health, spiritual connection, and deepen your herbal knowledge?

Herbs don’t work the way most people think.

So much of the herbal education that is common and passed around online has been colonized and is wrong or incomplete - this is why you find so many inconsistencies when you try to use herbal medicine for healing.

You’ve read all the books. Hell, maybe you’ve even taken a class. But you still feel like you don’t know plants.

Don’t worry - I got you. 

As you journey through the membership, you’ll start to understand plants on a physical, spiritual, and energetic level as they relate to healing and as they relate to people. 

Medicine Making Monthly is a monthly herbal membership centered around journeying deep with one sacred plant each moon cycle

and getting to know it on a physical and energetic level so that you can improve your overall health and well-being and expand your herbal knowledge.

It’s more than a membership though, it’s a living library - a sacred archive, a growing vault of ancestral wisdom. As a result - every month you’ll continue to build and expand your knowledge, confidence, and herbal ally family. 

Learn 1 New Herb Each Moon Cycle 

I believe that learning herbal medicine is a slow, sacred process to be savored. The deeper you know a plant, the deeper the healing. Quality over quantity. We'll study one plant per month. 

I make it easy to weave plant medicine into your life. And go deep vs wide - no shallow learning over here

As a Member, You Will:

Practice with 1 herbal recipe each moon cycle 

Each moon cycle, you'll put your herbal education into action and practice medicine making by making one (or more!) of my original plant-based herbal recipes.

Whether it be a medicine, lunch dish, or sacred ritual - you'll be well-equipped and know how to use the herb of the month by  learning my favorite way - "learning by doing".

Access Our Private App

We have our very own school app at the Institute of Ancestral Medicine. You'll gain full access to the app so that you can learn on the go. Available on both Apple and Android. Easy + convenient.

Seasonal Herbal Lectures, Mini-classes, and Plant Walk Videos as they come up

Access our Sacred Community

Sacred community is so very important to the healing of the collective.

In this membership, you'll have access to our exclusive private community to share your projects, photos, and journey as you embark on and deepen your practice in making plant medicine. 


You'll get a downloadable herbal monograph and recipe for every plant-ally you learn. You'll be able to reference these teachings and come back to them over and over again.

Downloadable Herbal Monographs for every plant kin


Every quarter, I'll hop on a live Zoom call to answer questions in the community and provide guidance to those who need it. Limited time bonus.

Q&A Call 

All for only $97/mo

Cancel at any time with no fuss (though we know you won’t want to)

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