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Here, you’ll find my detailed articles, downloads, recipes, case studies, love letters, and herbal monographs on sacred plant medicine and holistic healing. 

Today, I want to talk about how all your breakdown is actually your breakthrough. If you can get over that hump, if you could get to the other side, if you could keep pushing and not give up, if you could sit with the uncomfortable feelings, the uncomfortable sensations, if you could not fall prey […]

Your Breakdown is your Breakthrough

Another beautiful week. Another beautiful day. Another beautiful year. I’m so incredibly grateful. I’m just grateful to be here. I’m grateful to exist, to experience, to love, to heal, and to grow. Today, I had something that I wanted to talk about but let’s just talk about gratitude real quick. I know a lot of times […]

Secret to the Law of Attraction

Today, while I was sitting here working on some lovely things. I want to talk today about transformation in how things really start to happen. Start to manifest, start to transform when you surrender and y’all know I talked about surrendering a lot but most people don’t understand what true surrender is. They don’t understand […]

Washing Away Trauma

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