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Consider this the Anuuma Records. You’ll find a ton of valuable information and education here. Enjoy! 

Here, you’ll find my detailed articles, downloads, recipes, case studies, love letters, and herbal monographs on sacred plant medicine and holistic healing. 

Welcome to another episode. Happy Friday. Thank you for being here with me. This is going to be a short episode. I just got off a call with one of my one-on-one clients, and it’s time for me to make lunch for my babies. But I didn’t want to miss this week’s episode. I think it’s […]

How Forgiveness Frees You

Welcome to another week. I am extremely grateful to be here. I have really been undergoing this rapid transformation. I’ve taken time to really deepen my spiritual practice and really reconnect with spirit on a different level because I’ve been so busy. I spent so much time doing and running and rushing, and it really […]

Trauma is Not Your Identity

Today, while I was sitting here working on some lovely things. I want to talk today about transformation in how things really start to happen. Start to manifest, start to transform when you surrender and y’all know I talked about surrendering a lot but most people don’t understand what true surrender is. They don’t understand […]

Washing Away Trauma

This season 2 is it’s a new, it’s a new lady, all right, Y’all going to get to know me very deeply because I don’t want you to be afraid of being you, of showing up as yourself, as I did for so many years. I felt like I had to present myself a certain […]

Triggers, Addictions + Overcoming Trauma

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