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Consider this the Anuuma Records. You’ll find a ton of valuable information and education here. Enjoy! 

Here, you’ll find my detailed articles, downloads, recipes, case studies, love letters, and herbal monographs on sacred plant medicine and holistic healing. 

Things that disrupt the Vaginal Ecosystem Welcome to part one of the “How to Have a Healthy Vagina Series”. In this recent podcast episode, I dive deep into things that disrupt the vaginal ecosystem, and provide you with guidance on how to address these things holistically.  For the sake of this series, I will be […]

How to Have A Healthy Vagina – Pt 1

In my recent podcast episode, we talk about one of your body’s communication systems, which in this instance, is odor.  If you’re currently struggling with Body Odor, I want you to know that it’s not something to be embarrassed about, it’s simply something to address holistically as your body is communicating with you.  In this […]

Why Body Odor is a Sign of Disease

Happy Friday. Oh, my gosh. I have been in meetings. I have been in meetings all day. I have had one-on-one clients. I have had team meetings. I have had student meetings. I just want to talk to you about ethics, spirituality, and holistic healing. Now, I think it’s so important that we talk about this […]

Why Ethics and Spirituality are major pillars of Holistic Health

Welcome to another lovely week. I hope you are feeling incredible. I hope you are feeling grateful. I hope you are feeling alive. I want to talk to you today about what I’ve been working on. I have been putting so much love and energy into both of my programs. I am upgrading the experience. I […]

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